Topic: now what??

ok, so i've somehow managed to create my gallery via photoshop.
i need to view it online somehow.  i know nothing about html except that i need it to view online.
i don't have a website to put it on and i wouldn't know how to make one.
what do i do now :?:

Re: now what??

First you test that your gallery works by itself by clicking on your index.html file in your gallery folder on your computer.


Then you find a web hosting company and set up an account, register a domain name, and create a web domain. There are hundreds of companies who can host your web page for you. I use

Then you copy your gallery (all the files and folders as per above) to your web server using the control panel file manager you hosting company will set up for you or (the better option IMO) an ftp client like FireFTP. Replace root with