Topic: Flash embedding for beginners?

Hi again
Reading through the forums, it seems the way to get a back button (To go back to the gallery listings) or to have buttons inside TV to load different albums/galleries is to use flash embedding.

This is all very nice, except I'm a total noob when it comes to actionscript, and not much better when it comes to HTML and everything else! HTML-wise for me it's always a case of changing things and seeing what happens. With AS it looks that much more complicated and makes so little sense I doubt I'd get anywhere this way.

I was wondering if there are any tutorials you guys can point me to that are useful for a total beginner, or if anyone wants to do a run-down of what is involved?

The website in question is yupyup co uk if it helps.

I am using the picasa template to generate the TV-pro files. From what I understand, I will need to create a .swf file that contains the code found in the TILTVIEWER FLASH EMBED EXAMPLE CODE section of the example file?

This would then need to replace the TV stuff in the index files picasa generates and would call TV within itself, allowing me to place other buttons etc around the screen?

Re: Flash embedding for beginners?

Yes, unfortunately if you want to use Flash embedding you will need to get a handle on the basics of Flash (how to publish a swf etc).

Here's an overview of what you need to do. For details on using flash please check the Flash docs.

Open the 'flash_embed.fla' in Flash CS3. This FLA generates a 'shell' SWF that loads the 'TiltViewer.swf'. Check the actionscript in the first frame. This is where you can add custom buttons, a logo etc.

Generate your TiltViewer gallery as normal. Copy the swf and xml + images into the same folder as the shell swf.

Run the 'flash_embed.html' to view the shell swf.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Flash embedding for beginners?

Cool, thank you very much for that reply. It explains in more noobish terms what the flash_embed file does, hopefully just enough so I can get something working!

Excellent scripts and support, I wish you all the best!