Topic: stagePadding overriding navPadding?


I just downloaded v1.8.5 of Simpleviewer and in the xml options have the following:

stagePadding="0" navPadding="40"

Unfortunately, the stagePadding option seems to be overriding the navPadding option so that with both of them set as above, the thumbnails and image are right up against each other. If I delete the stagePadding option, the navPadding is in there, but then the image isn't flush with the top of the gallery. The behavior seems like it's an earlier version of SimpleViewer that is only taking stagePadding into account (and using the default of 40 when I delete the stagePadding option) so I tried downloading v.1.8.5 again and replacing the viewer.swf file for my gallery just to be sure it was the latest, but no luck.

Any suggestions?


Re: stagePadding overriding navPadding?

Make sure you are looking at the latest swf. Clear your browser cache.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: stagePadding overriding navPadding?

I thought I had done that, but obviously not since it worked this time.
Thanks for the push to check again! I'm glad it was a simple solution. =)