Topic: I'm a bit lost

Tried older threads and thought I had this figured out but I'm spinning my wheels...

Trying to insert a SV gallery into a webpage for my website that has header and footer graphics, but has a nice spot for a gallery in the center.

I've copied to code in the page, and done the header stuff as well. My SV output stuff (from PS) is in a folder in my public_html files called mygallery, but even going just to /mygallery does not load a page.

Source from port_test html is...

I can post the source I guess so how do I do this?

So what am I doing wrong - the page renders but no gallery...

Re: I'm a bit lost

check the FAQ, Q11: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: I'm a bit lost

check the FAQ, Q11:

Checked. Before I posted.