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Got a question:  Can you embed the swf in a page without using the java?  Specifically, I'm using the <object> tag to embed the file in a page.  Using the javascript provided, I couldn't even get the video to show up.  Just invisible.  Using the <object> code, I am seeing that the video is there, but it's not working.  Just showing a blank gray screen.  thanks

Re: video not showing

You can use an object tag instead of the SWFObject JavaScript but it's not recommended. SWFObject handles flash detection and other stuff.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: video not showing

Do you know why the <object> method wouldn't be working though?  I have another swf file I created with windows movie maker and snosh converter (converts a video file to flash file).  I am able to view that swf file in my page (using the object tag). If I change the filename to autoviewer.swf, the video doesn't show.  Do you know why?  Is there a setting I need to change in Flash or something?  thanks!

(love the product)  :)