Topic: galleries have loaded quickly until now

hi there~

i've noticed in the last week that two of my three galleries are loading very slowly.  i noticed that i had over 50 images in both so i deleted a handful to get it back down under 50.  i've reloaded and cached out, but i've still got a slow loading time. 

my images average a size of 400kb each.

i'm using simpleviewer 1.8 on a mac osx with dreamweaver 8 and i'm testing in firefox and safari with the same results.

since i'm new here, i can't post my urls.  if you have the patience for it, my galleries are here:

ashleywestleonard com / bitchinpixel ("people" and "things")
ashleywestleonard com (click "photos")

i'm stumped.  any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Re: galleries have loaded quickly until now

in case anyone has a similar issue, i'm posting what i did to "solve" my problem. 

i downloaded the aperture plugin and re-created my galleries from there.  not the ideal fix, but my images are actually loading now.  still a bit slow, but they're up.