Topic: Stupid Newbie Question

Just downloaded simpleviewer and I have no idea where to install the various components. Running Mac OSX 10.4.11 designing (more like kludging) on Dreamweaver MX2004 and using Cute FTP for uploads.

I have the following in the folder that downloaded:

I'm trying to avoid a long and problematic learning curve with simpleviewer. I'm conversant with my mac, but not throughly comfortable with HTML and know nothing about flash, xml, etc.

I've thoroughly searched the FAQ and read the read me which says search the FAQ. Can't find any pointers in this forum. Perhaps a guide on where to install the various files might be helpfull to anchor at the top of the troubleshooting forum?

I really appreciate any assistance here.


Re: Stupid Newbie Question

Put your image files in the image folder
Put your thumbnails in the thumbs folder
Edit the gallery.xml with your options and image names and captions (use notepad or textedit etc).
Once you've done that double click on the index.html and you should have a working gallery running locally from your hard disk. If that works then you need to find a web site to host your gallery. You then copy the entire contents of your folder to your web file server using ftp transfer or similar. Then in your browser go to and voila!