Topic: It works! Full Flash with Multiple AV pro gallery's.

Hello everybody,

I've been struggeling with AV pro for 3 days. Read all the topics and solutions.
I've made a full flash site for my customer with multiple gallery's. It works great. You can see it here

floriaanwillemse dot NL ( dot = .)

The main issues I've encounterd were:

-Dynamics XML > Flash only reads the first gallerys XML that was chosen. Great topic in forum was given the solution.-Problems with stage alignment and navigation button, using
In combination withTL allingment main frame and viewers in Flash
It's better to assign the width and heigt in the xml file.-With multiple gallerys it's better to place all the images in "one" filemap, but make multiple maps voor the xml and .swf

Tips! Make a renamed copy of the source .fla, it publishes it to viewer.swf in the deliver map. Doesn't matter wich name you give it. Just in case you made some changes for the look&feel of the buttons etc.

If you encounter some problems, give me an email and we can look at it.

Kind Regards,

The Northernboy
The Netherlands.