Topic: Publishing changes in file - beginner question

I just purchased and downloaded simpleviewer - excellent program!  I've been able to embed it into my website and customise the html and xml files with minimal effort.

However I want to make changes to the file using flash CS3 - I have a small amount of experience publishing flash (without using actionscript) and cannot figure out how to re-publish the viewer.swf file with a changed file.

I have copied the file into the same directory as the viewer.swf file, then changed it in flash cs3 (target:simpleviewer) then re-published the simpleviewer.fla file.  I receive an error message "the class or interface 'StageManager' could not be loaded.  After re-publishing a blank screen appears where the viewer should be.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Re: Publishing changes in file - beginner question

I figured it out - after placing actionscript and .fla files in the correct directories I was able to publish without error.