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Good Afternoon,

I purchased Simple Viewer Pro thinking it was some sort of dynamic php to flash gallery (not sure where I read that now).

Anyways, I have image galleries using php and mysql and was really looking to dynamically load these, as I would my gallery, into Simple Viewer Pro.

A good example would be a real estate page.....a home is selected and the my script calls any images based on the ID from an images folder. If ID was 3, it would display any images based on ID 3 (ex: 3-1.jpg, 3-2.jpg, 3-3.jpg, etc..)

Is there an easy way to do this via Simple Viewer Pro? Can I embed this somehow into my existing .php pages to display these images in SVP?

Thanks In Advance


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Re: PHP to Simple Viewer

Because I do.....does it really matter? I am already using lightbox.

Just looking for an answer as I see a lot of sites now using flash as an image viewer for real estate sites.