Topic: font size captions

is there a code to resize the font size for the captions = text under picture?

so to add in the gallery.xml?

Now I don't see this in the .xml file, and the text is rather big, or do i need the pro version in order to change this?

Re: font size captions

See question 14 of the FAQ … r/faq.html


Re: font size captions


i understand.

so this means i have to ad a tag with every caption?

i guess to code with Q 14 is an example.

i am a beginner at this, and i see a LOT of codes.

there's already a font color tag in the beginning of the .xml file.

so i need only the font family and size then i guess?

with part do i use in for example a caption like this:



    <caption>  portrait of a person </caption>