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Hey guys,

a buddy of mine has bought AutoViewer and he doesn't want people to be able to open his images by clicking the right mousebutton.

I already found that we have to edit the file, located here:

By changing this line into 'false'

Now, we already did that, but we are still able to open the pics with the right mousebutton.

What are we doing wrong?

FYI: the site is not uploaded yet, we want everything the be working before we put it online.

Thanks in advance!

Re: enableRightClickOpen:Boolean = false

Did you publish the swf? Check section 2.2 in the docs: … #customize

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: enableRightClickOpen:Boolean = false

I tried to republish the file as instructed:

To republish AutoViewer:

Open sourceautoviewer.fla using Macromedia Flash MX04 (version 7.2 or later).
Do File->Publish to publish your updated swf. The new swf will be created as: webautoviewer.swf
Replace the autoviewer.swf in your gallery folder with the new one, or run webindex.html to test your new swf.

But it doesn't create the autoviewer.swf file.

I can't even find it with the search function  :?:  :?:  :?:

Maybe it only works with SimpleViewer and not with AutoViewer?

Plz help!

Re: enableRightClickOpen:Boolean = false

Another problem: the galleries creates with AutoViewer don't seem to work when using FireFox as browser...  :cry: