Topic: customizing question before purchasing

this is prob a very stupid question.

In the demo version there are only about 12 thumbs/images.
I assume in the Pro version I can add as many images/thumbs as I wish... yeah?


Re: customizing question before purchasing

Check the FAQ, Q8: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: customizing question before purchasing

I have done tests up to 250 images. BUT there are conditions: you must keep your file sizes small. Do not include icc profiles in your thumbnails, they are small enough that it shouldn't matter (IMO). You may even want to consider not including icc profiles in your main images either. Save your thumbs at a medium quality level (maybe 60%). Save your main images no higher than 85% (8/12). Your thumbs can be as small as 3-5kb and main images can be anywhere from 60-200kb.