Topic: Browser issues

I want to create a few simple viewer galleries for portfolio purposes to show off some pictures.  I used picasa to create the html from a few different galleries.

ALL of them work wonderfully well with Firefox and IE, locally.
I FTP'd them to my web server.
IE works exactly as it did when it was local.
Firefox does not.

With Firefox, I get some strange happy faces for all of the images.  I just started using this particular web storage, so I'm not sure if it's the webserver or if it's something I'm doing wrong on the SimpleViewer side.

Here are some of the gallery links:
chrisrabior [dot] com/WildlifePortfolio/index [dot] html
chrisrabior [dot] com/ConcertPortfolio/index [dot] html
chrisrabior [dot] com/FightPortfolio/index [dot] html
Again, works fine in IE, but something's screwwy in Firefox.
Any clue what could be causing this?

Re: Browser issues

Additional note:

I have the IE tab add-on installed on Firefox, and when I switch rendering engines (from Firefox to IE, within Firefox), the page displays properly.

It's something with Firefox.  No clue what though.  Any suggestions?