Topic: link to gallery.xml doesn't work

I embed the simpleviewer script in a php page like the following:


Now I get the response that the Gallery can't be found.
The javascript and viewer file are in both folders just in case it might be the reason for not working. There is no mistake in the link, nor is the gallery.xml file not in that folder I linked to.

But the strange thing is it worked when I only linked to the gallery.xml in the same folder as my php file and linked to the pictures through the code in the xml file (and it's the same link path).

To make it even more confusing I tried to use the embed code in the php file and that works!


I have no clue why it works with that version, I'm out of ideas.
Please if somebody knows or has just a simple idea why I have that error please leave a message ;_;


Re: link to gallery.xml doesn't work