Topic: Multiple Simpleviewer Galleries on PHP site.

Hi, first post, first problem. I've been working on this a while.
Is this even possible? I've built a site in PHP, and I'd like to use simple viewer for the multiple galleries (four in all)

In html thats easy;

/gallery one/images/
/gallery one/thumbs/
/gallery one/gallery.xml
/gallery one/index.htm
/gallery one/swfobject.js
/gallery two/images/
/gallery two/thumbs/
/gallery two/gallery.xml
/gallery two/index.htm
/gallery two/swfobject.js
/and so on...

Works like a charm.

Now in my php site, I have the following structure;


then I've tried to get the first gallery to work with;

/page/gallery one/images/
/page/gallery one/thumbs/
/page/gallery one/viewer.swf
/page/gallery one/gallery.xml
/page/gallery one/gallery.php
/page/gallery one/swfobject.php

then in /page/gallery1.php, I have

<?php require "gallery1/gallery.php"; ?>

to call the gallery (well, thats the idea) It kinda works,
I can get up the "SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash" bit.
I've tried moving the viewer.swf to / and to pages/ but that seems to make no difference.

gallery.php has this in it;

<script type="text/javascript">
        var fo = new SWFObject&#40;"/page/gallery1/viewer.swf", "viewer", "100%", "100%", "7", "#11110D"&#41;;    
        fo.addVariable&#40;"preloaderColor", "0x666666"&#41;;
        fo.addVariable&#40;"xmlDataPath", "/page/gallery1/gallery.xml"&#41;;    

No idea if thats correct, was just trying out things. :p

Is there something glaringly obvious I've overlooked??

or will I just have to go back to HTML?


Re: Multiple Simpleviewer Galleries on PHP site.

er that actually works...

I don't quite know what I did, but the first gallery is working. Fingers crossed for the next one :-)

Hope the above if useful If anyone else is havng problems.