Topic: Working with captions

Evening all,

I'm using the export function in iPhoto to create a Simpleviewer gallery to imbed on my site.  The gallery gets created no problem there (though not sure what the iPhoto comments are supposed to be or where they should end up).  I have no problem getting the gallery to my site and have updated the index.html file sizes to fit ...looks good.  BUT what I would like are captions.  I have modified the gallery.xml file with the captions and when the page is full size they are in view. But when sized down, no such luck (thought the simpleviewer logo moves fine) Is there a way to modify the code so the captions are placed directly below the enlarged photo?.... I currently have the thumbs on the right..... but doesn't it make sense for the caption to be below the photo anyway? :? :?

Re: Working with captions


by default, SimpleViewer places captions under the thumbnails. SimpleViewer-Pro allows you to put the captions under the main image by setting the 'captionUnderThumbs' ActionScript option to false: … tions.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.