Topic: Preemptive Help: How I Got My Pics to Start Showing

Hi All. My situation and preemptive help if you faced the same and pics weren't showing up: I was resizing and saving my camera's JPG files with Paint and Photoshop. Pictures saved as JPGs in both programs showed up when testing locally, but only the ones saved through Photoshop showed up once on a server. I suspect the problem has something to do with DPI, but am not sure. Anyhow, re-saving the files through Photoshop has done the trick.   

Uh...if you're not facing this problem, a quick sum of some of the things I read here in this forum.

- Check to make sure your file extensions match those in the XMLGallery. For good programming sake, make sure the names are lowercase.
- Check to make sure all your tags are <opened> and </opened> (closed).
-If you do both these things and still no results, empty you cache and try refreshing the browser.

Cheers and Tilt on,