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Dear forum.
Today I bought the Simpleviewer Pro for customizing the appearance of simpleviewer in Flash CS3. I think this is a silly question, but I do not know where to put the files from the directory called source in my Flash application to get the things working. Yesterday I bought SlideShowPro and I could easy change everything in the component inspector in Flash, after an installation of a .mxp extension. The idea was to do the same with simpleviewer. I tried to get that information from the faq on the Airtight site, but couldn't find it.
Perhaps I missed somewhere something
I admit, I miss basic knowledge about flash, but in what directory should I put the actionScript .as files and the .fla to see the parameteres and make changes in Flash?

thanks in advance

Re: newby question about installation simpleviewer pro

Please check the docs: … ation.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: newby question about installation simpleviewer pro

Dear Felix, thank you for your answer.
I found in the documentation subject 2.4 Customizing Source Code.
My question is now; how can you get those options in the component inspector of Flash (or another place), so that you can the changes in the appearance of simpleviewer and then republish (subject 2.5) to get a new version of the viewer.swf
Is this possible? Can you give me a clou?
If this is a stupid question, sorry for that. But I still want to learn