Topic: Embedding in an HTML page?

Hi, how are you all? I'm new to Simpleviewer, and I had a few quick questions I need to ask.

I'm currently buildng a website (Using a trial version of Dreamweaver), and have a layout I quite like. Is there a way to embed, or "paste" a simpleviewer gallery into my existing layout so as to keep the look and navigation?
If it helps with your answer, here are my requirements:

The area I want my galleries to appear in, is 185px or more from the top of my "container". It can be no bigger than 700px wide, by 376px high. (That's the blank space available, but my full size images are 600px on their longest edge.)

Also, is it possible to specify one folder for thumbnails, and another for the full size files? (The reason being, I already made some cropped thumbnails, as the scaled down full size image is hard to see.) And can I specify the size of each thumbnail? (I had planned to make each one 40x40px).

Thanks in advance,


Re: Embedding in an HTML page?