Topic: Come One, Come All and try this fun question!!

I have a version of simpleviewer that I got somehow somewhere in my perusing the internet. I am trying to see if I can:
1) put a logo on my gallery page whether it be a once repeating bkgnd image or somehow on the page
2) I want a back button to get to a page that I have the nav set up on
3) I want that back link (what is there now) or back button (what I hope to get) to open a page within the browser window and not a new window.

So, will Simpleviewer pro work with my existing files and let me do this? If so, how? The present back to work link opens the link in a new window or tab and it's very annoying. I've tried several things to no avail. I've been obsessing for the last 12 hours. You see my need for a response! Thank you to whomever attempts this. You can see my site and view what I'm talking about. Now I will go get a new phone since my present Razr only gets calls in and won't let me dial out. I love technology!! jc
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