Topic: Error occurred: Statuscode 500. in svmtest


I'm thinking of purchasing svManager and ran the test. First i tried it under windows, but I couldn't install GD properly, that was the only thing that didn't work  under windows.

Then I tried the test under Fedora 8, with apache, php and gd installed. (Will eventually have the website on this server and it's my server so I can do whatever I want with it) Everything went fine until I was supposed to upload files (the last test). When I pressed the Upload button it gave me this error:
Error occurred: Statuscode 500.
Tried both in FF and IE.

I tried to both chown and chmod the folder to 0777 but it didn't help.
Does anyone know what to do? Can it be something with my firewall? Seems odd when the second test went through with out problems. Does Java run on any specific port or protocol?
I don't want to purchase svManager before I get through all tests.

Thanks for any help!

Re: Error occurred: Statuscode 500. in svmtest

Error code 500 implies an internal server error. Is there anything in your server logs at the time the error occurs?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.