Topic: Merging SimpleViewer with WordPress

:shock:  Anyone out there have any idea how to intergrate/merge "simpleviewer" with Wordpress Blog ? Simply put I'd like to post photo's using "simpleviewer" and have reponses blogged underneath. I've tried every trick in the book...

any help will be much appreaciated!!!

Re: Merging SimpleViewer with WordPress

Pierre, combining SimpleViewer with Wordpress is a great idea.

I imagine you could acheive it quite easily using the Kimili Flash Embed for Wordpress. If anyone figures it out and can post an example, that would be very useful!

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Merging SimpleViewer with WordPress

This has been discussed in the WordPress support forums

All you have to do is, as mentioned by Felix, to install the Kimili Flash Embed plugin, and then make an embed tag which references the imageData.xml. Size and background color of the viewer can be adjusted by the embed tag itself. Here's an example posted by slambert

[kml_flashembed movie="/simpleviewer/gallery1/viewer.swf" height="500" width="500" quality="best" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" fvars="xmlDataPath = /simpleviewer/gallery1/imageData.xml" /]

You will have to modify imageData.xml, specifically the second line pertaining to the viewer's navigation bar attributes as well as the frame colors to fit your layout

<SIMPLEVIEWER_DATA maxImageDimension="358" textColor="0x000000" frameColor="0x000000" bgColor="0xFFFFFF" frameWidth="2" stagePadding="20" thumbnailColumns="2" thumbnailRows="5" navPosition="right" navDirection="LTR" title="Gallery 1" imagePath="/simpleviewer/gallery1/images/" thumbPath="/simpleviewer/gallery1/mcbeanshow/thumbs/">

This should seamlessly integrate SimpleViewer with most WordPress themes.

There are some (weird) caveats though. For some reason specific directory names do not work for xmlDataPath? i have experienced this on my site at and have had to create separate directories to accomodate this... Otherwise just follow the above link for more instructions and you should be up and running in less than 1 hour.