Topic: Editing index.html results in gallery not working


First.. tiltViewer is the sweetest gallery I have seen... ever.. period..

Now that's out of the way.

Okay, so I use tiltViewer template for Picasa, and when I export to HTML and view the index.html in a browser or notepad/wordpad, the gallery works and the structure looks good.

However, even if I just re-save index.html in notepad or wordpad, the structure becomes all messed up at the line breaks and the gallery stops working.

I tried saving in different encodings, no go.

I could only edit the file after using UltraEdit and not converting to "DOS format".

Any reason for this, since, even if I just copy all the text from index.html to a new html file (say, index2.html) and save it, all the line breaks, well stop breaking the lines.


Re: Editing index.html results in gallery not working

What are you using as an html editor?