Topic: Instructions for Use -- For Viewers / Members of the Public

I have just done a first draft of Instructions for using the TiltViewer Gallery.  These are the Instructions that a member of the public would use to navigate the TiltViewer Gallery, which will show a collection of watches.  Here are the Instructions, which will be shown on the Flip-side of one of the images (which will say, "Using this Gallery"). 

I am wondering whether others may have published such Instructions or might have suggestions?




-- Click on any of the Thumbnails, to see a Close-Up of the watch.

-- When in Close-Up mode, use any of the four arrow keys to navigate around the Gallery.

-- When you are viewing a Close-Up, use the round arrow (bottom right corner) or the "F" key, to Flip to a description of the watch.

-- From the Description (Flip-side of the image), use the Link (bottom left corner) to see additional photos of the watch.

-- When you are viewing the Description (Flip-side), use the "F" key to return to the Gallery view, or use the arrow keys navigate the Gallery.

-- To go from Close-Up view, back to full Gallery view, click anywhere on the black backgound

Re: Instructions for Use -- For Viewers / Members of the Public

Actually, I put instructions also.  It's a good idea because not everyone knows what to do, even though it is intuitive.

Here's mine: