Topic: Preemptive Help: Shows Locally But Not Live On Server?

Ok I learned this one the hard way just now so wanted to pass the info onto anyone else who has experienced this.

I was creating my gallery offline and it showed up and looked great in the browser. I uploaded everything to my site for testing on another system and all of a sudden nothing was showing (on the same computer), not even the gradient in the background of the flash.

It took me about 10 minutes of kicking my computer to figure out that my server converted all the files to lowercase upon upload, and that "TiltViewer.swf" became "tiltviewer.swf", and inside the HTML file it was wanting to look for the file with uppercase letters in it. It didn't see that file and didn't display anything.

Once I changed what was in the HTML file to all lower case, then it appeared again. Hope this helps!

Re: Preemptive Help: Shows Locally But Not Live On Server?

I looked at this solution, but my file uploaded correctly with caps, so this is not the issue for me.  I simply cannot figure out how to get it to work online when it works perfectly locally.  Help???