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Can I change the position of de Image-back/nextbutton to aligned at the bottom of the html site or DIV? I have Simpleviewer pro and i can change the fla File.



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Thanks Mike,

Meanwhile I find it out. You have to change the function resizeImageNavButtons:

    mBackBtn.setBtnPosn(mWidth-70, mHeight);
    mNextBtn.setBtnPosn(mWidth-20 ,mHeight);       

And the function setSize to change the Hit position:

    mNextBtn.setHitPosn(mWidth-20 ,mHeight);

You also have to set the stagePadding for your needs and navPosition="top" or left.



Re: Position of next / back buttons

Although the faq says:

Can I add a menu or back button to SimpleViewer?

Yes. You can add any HTML page elements such as a back button, menu or logo by editing index.htm. Take a look at this example page. The example page gives SimpleViewer a fixed height and allows for a page header and footer. To use this example, save the HTML file to your local SimpleViewer folder.

I can't seem to find the way to put a button (image as .jpg) into the page.
Do I need to use <div> for it or can it by <A HREF=.......>?
How do I position it on the leftcorner?
and how does it shows on the page?
I'll have to download the fixed height for it, I think (because of the space you get to put the button, right?)

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HTML tutorials are beyond the scope of this forum. Please try Google or similar to research an answer.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Position of next / back buttons

I know HTML-codes, that's not the problem
Just asking if anyone had done it before and how it was done on a page specific using simpleviewer. (or had they downloaded the fixed height in order to get it right?)