Topic: Error 8800?!


I'm trying to use the automatic Desktop Instructions with Photoshop CS3, but when i press build web gallery an error appears:
Error 8800: General photoshop error occured. This functionality may not be avaible in this version of Photoshop.
- Could not save as :"DProgram files...images" because the file could not be found.
Line: 946
-> app.activeDocument.saveAs(File(filePath),jpegOptions,false);

Doesn't the simpleviewer support Photoshop CS3?
I read somewhere here in the forums that if the folders had something else then .jpg files this error could come. My files are only .jpg files!

Could someone help me?

Re: Error 8800?!


it works with CS3. It did work with mine, and suddenly I got the error you mentioned.

Now it works again. I did these steps:
- delete in the input folder the thumbs.db file that windows generates. (could be hidden if you have default windows settings)
- delete the contents that the output folder got when I first run the script.

hope it helps!

Re: Error 8800?!

it happened mi again.

be sure to rename input folder and create a new one outpout folder.

Be careful with thumbs.db archive it appears each time you explore the folder with preview mode or thumbnail mode.

cheers :P