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Hi, I'm having a bit of an issue with the thumbnail generation.  The last output I get from the buildgallery.php file is

Attempting to create thumbnails in thumbs folder:

and at that point the execution stops and no thumbnails are generated.  Everything is chmodded to 777, and my jpeg files are set to non-progressive.  I also tried the (( $bgOptions['useCopyResized'] = false;  )) method with no luck.  Is there anything else that I am overlooking or should I just start making thumbnails with an imaging program?

btw in case you're wondering - ( buildgallery.php version 1.9, running under php version 4.3.9, GD library version 2.0.28)

Thanks for the great gallery - and any help would be much appreciated!

Re: Thumbnail generation

I am also having this same issue.  Is there a limit as to how many files the script can create thumbnails for?  It worked just before I aadded a bunch of new photos pushing the file count to above 210.  I took some out reducing the file count to under 200 and it still refuses to process the thumbnail creation portion of the code.  I also tried re downloading the script from this website and it still doesn't want to create thumbnails.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Reduced files to 118 and the thumbnail creation worked.  I am assuming the solution is to just create multiple galleries depending on the filecount that you have.

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Yes, I imagine the buildgallery script may crap out for very large numbers of images, depending on your server's available RAM.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Thumbnail generation

You could also just split the image folder into two for the purposes of making the thumbnails and gallery.xml, and then just move the thumbs and cut and paste the gallery.xml files together into 1.


Re: Thumbnail generation

Could you explain that just a little clearer?

I am also having a problem, but with only 20 images. When I upload index.html to my ftp, and go to the correct address, only 4 of the images actually come up. There are no exes or any other evidence that the viewer even loaded the other 16 pictures.

Is there a fix for this? How is it possible to have a large amount of pictures in one gallery?