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Hello All!

Currently customizing a Tilt Viewer Pro and trying to put a companies logo in it.

Here's the deal -

I created a container.swf (800x600) which has the companies logo in the bottom right corner with a 800x600 movie clip that loads the TiltViewer.swf using loadMovie.

When I publish the container.swf in Flash it doesn't load the TiltViewer.swf locally or even if I upload to a server and use the u r l, but I loaded some other random .swf that I have on my server and it works fine, so I know my simple loadMovie code is correct.

The goal here is to do exactly what Felix did in the Tilt Viewer example replacing the "TiltViewer" logo with the companies logo.

It has to be something simple - let me know if you need more details or links to my server with examples.

Thanks for the help!
BDG Team

Re: Loading TiltViewer Pro in container.swf

Hi, please check the TiltViewer-Pro docs, section 3.2: … html#embed

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Loading TiltViewer Pro in container.swf

I will check that out, thanks Felix! (guess that was simple, just modify your example file...duh)

- BDG Team

Re: Loading TiltViewer Pro in container.swf

Well, I'm a bit of a noob.  Can someone briefly explain the settings in the AS in frame 1 of the example?

I'm trying to modify the mask to be just a bit smaller than my 800x600 stage.  Can anyone clarify what I need to edit in the following code?

//if you want to mask TiltViewer uncomment the following block:

var tiltviewerMask:Sprite = new Sprite();
ldr.mask = tiltviewerMask;
function resizeMask(e:Event){    

    var tvWidth = stage.stageWidth/2;
    var tvHeight = stage.stageHeight/2;
    var tvX = stage.stageWidth/4;
    var tvY = stage.stageHeight/4;    ;,1);, tvY, tvWidth, tvHeight);