Topic: Activating Logo / Replacing Auto Viewer Logo

Hello All!

Currently customizing AutoViewer Pro - adding company logo replacing AutoViewer logo, want to put it in the top center as well, instead of bottom right.


I have seen some post that say to...

"use the IS_PRO variable in to enable the logo"

...which I opened in DreamWeaver and looked for that variable, found a few instances of it, but unsure of what to change, which one, etc...?

The only thing I think of is to change the false to true (like below) The movie clip instance name in Flash, I didn't change, it's still mcLogo.

//init download logo
if (!IS_PRO){
mLogoBar_mc =     
mLogoBar_mc._visible = true;
mLogoBar_mc.onRelease = Delegate.create(this,onLogoClick);   

I know to save the .as file and to re-publish the .swf, but it doesn't show up. Not sure what I'm doing wrong...any help?!

Moving Logo (once activated)

Also, once I activate the AutoViewer logo (and new company logo replaces it), how would I move it to show at the top center?

Sure that's being moved/coded in [because the source .fla has the logo in the center, but shows up in the bottom right when published (which doesn't show on mine currently because of questoin #1 but shows in the example file (w w w. airtightinteractive  dot com / projects / autoviewer / app /)].

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Re: Activating Logo / Replacing Auto Viewer Logo

...anyone have an answer to this?

Re: Activating Logo / Replacing Auto Viewer Logo


I was able to re-enable the logo display by opening and replacing the line that says:
if (!IS_PRO){


if (IS_PRO){
(line 107)


Re: Activating Logo / Replacing Auto Viewer Logo

Nice, thanks E!

...strange, the exclamation point was the issue, would of never of guessed that one

Thanks again!
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