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In TiltViewer Pro I have a logo that is in a container .swf which loads the TiltViewer. The logo loads great with the TiltViewer, but when you re-size your browser the logo doesn't stay proportionate, so you are able to skew it, which we don't want to happen. The TiltViewer scales proportionately with your browser, but the logo seems to do its on thing. Any reason why? Or how can I fix that?

In the Flash file, I have the logo (logo_mc) in a movie clip called mcBkgnd, instance names are the same for both.

Here is a link to our test server if you want to check it out -

h t t p // demo(dot)breckdesign(dot)us/breck/web_site/tilt_viewer/web/index(dot)html

Note - this is a work in progress site

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Re: Resizing Logo

...anyone have an answer to this?