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Hi, a client of mine bought Tiltviewer Pro, and it's a cool flash application, but, I can't get it to connect with my php files. Can anybody give me a clue why that is?

if there's any processing time in the php file, the flash program chokes.

I get the following error message in the flash debugger: (this forum won't let me post the error message, sadly)

Any help?

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TiltViewer should be able to load it's XML from a PHP script with no issues. The SWF will wait for the XML to load before it displays the gallery.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

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Hey Felix, thanks for the response. It appears as though the swf is not waiting for the php to process the xml.

For example, I took one php file and echo'd out the xml, it worked fine. With the same file, I added a 'for' loop that processes some useless instructions. Both files, when viewed in the browser process the same exact xml, yet the swf will not get the xml from the version of the file with the 'for' loop inside it. I may be mistaken, but this project needs to be done fast, so I've come up with a serious hack for now. Now, I am creating xml files on the fly with php. Seems to work ok, but a lot more work for me :(

Re: generate xml with php

does anyone have a download for a generic PHP script that does this so that a user can push the reload button & a new random set of photos?

Essentially, i have 1 folder full of images & would like htem to randomly view the photos in the folder. I'm assuming htis would work if PHP can generate a new XML gallery file & reload Tiltviewer after....

Newbie with Tiltviewer....