Topic: CSS Funkiness

I've been trying for the past six hours to find a solution to this problem, but to no avail. Maybe somebody can help.

My site has a navigation / header DIV that is about 150 pixels high, and I'd like to keep it on the top while having the Tiltviewer gallery taking up the remainder of the space below.

- If I add the header element to the top, it just pushes Tiltviewer down below it. However, because of the 100% height tag and no overflow, the bottom 150 pixels of the Tiltviewer gallery are moved off the page and clipped.

- If I try wrapping it in a container that is 100% without the flashcontent layer having a height, Tiltviewer shrinks to its default size (~200 pixels high). If I add the height attribute to its DIV, the same problem noted above occurs.

- I can drop a layer ontop or below Tiltviewer using either transparency or an absolute layer, but either approach hinders the function of one of the elements.

I'd really hate to force Tiltviewer to a particular height, or use JavaScript to determine the optimum size as browser re-sizes would be flawed.

Does anybody else have any suggestions as to how to do this while keeping Flash happy?

Re: CSS Funkiness

Yeah - CSS is really bad for handling element heights as percentages. If you find a solution let me know. I think using a table might work.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.