Topic: Photo Limits?

I think svManager and Simpleviewer are great, but I've just run into a small problem.

I've been using svmanager to upload galleries to a clients website - everthing was fine, he asked if he could do it himself - so I showed him how to log in and use it.

Within an hour he'd broken it.

I have no idea what he's done but this is the problem.

His gallery now has approx 140 photos, and it will not allow us to add any more. The upload screen works fine and it appears to upload, but the image does not appear in the gallery or in the image 'list'.

I noticed that image resize wasn't working (for him, works ok on my machine) and he had about 10 x 2mb images in the list - so I deleted those and reuploaded them after resziing them, but they didn't appear.

So my questions are...
Is there an overall limit to how many photos svmanager can handle?
Is there a reason svmanager wouldn't resize the photos?
Why are new photos not appearing?

thanks any help greatly appreciated

Re: Photo Limits?

There's not an obvious easy answer to this one. Here are a few thoughts and some questions.

Is there an overall limit to how many photos svmanager can handle?

svManager does not set any limits to the number of photos. You could be hitting some kind of limit on the server but that doesn't seem likely (I assume the server has spare disk space).

Is there a reason svmanager wouldn't resize the photos?

The image resizing happens on the local machine before the file is uploaded to the server. As far as you know is there anything unusual about the way your clien't computer is set-up? What were you seeing on the client machine when you turned resize on and tried to upload – did you get the 'resizing' message?

Why are new photos not appearing?

It would be useful to know exactly how far the image files are getting when you try to do an upload on your machine. Can you please check, using ftp if the uploaded files are getting into the gallery images folder?

Other thoughts:

140 images in one gallery is getting a bit large for SimpleViewer itself and may cause the gallery to run slowly. Is there any way you can split the gallery into two?

Failing that – how about creating a second installation of svManager on the server in a different folder (like svmanager2 or something) and uploading all the files again from your computer. If everything goes ok then it looks like the problem is something to do with your client's local computer and not the server. Obviously, you'll need to be sure there is enough spare disk space available on the server before you try that. If this works for you and you would like to scrap your old installation and rename the new one then read the section on  Moving or renaming the svmanager folder in the svManager documentation.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.