Topic: Playing video via a SWF player?

I know you cannot directly embed .flv video into Simpleviewer so I have been trying to embed a video player which is linked to the .flv file.

Can't get it to work though.

The thumbnail  shows ok, the player interface shows ok but the player does not have the correct content. When I hit play I get another (corrupted) occurrence of Simpleviewer.

Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this. Any help really appreciated.

I've just tried embedding the player and the video into a single SWF.
The thumb still works, the play gui shows and do does the first frame of the video. However, once I hit the play button the result is the same as before.

Note 1: the player interface is active, the button rollovers work.

Note 2: all other parts of Simpleviewer work ok.