Topic: Who Can Make Suggestions ? ? ?

Here is a draft of a Gallery that I am preparing, that will serve as a "Tour" of my watch collection.

I have not yet written the descriptions of the watches (which will be on the "Flip" sides of the images, but I am wondering whether users might have suggestions, in terms of the Gallery.  Also, the first square will be re-done, to be called "About this Gallery" and to describe the Tour.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

Jeff Stein

Re: Who Can Make Suggestions ? ? ?

Maybe the suggestions are that I should either:
find a new hobby or
hire a professional to do the web design or
both of the above ? ? ?


Re: Who Can Make Suggestions ? ? ?

Put the text on the bottom as the bottom row is partially hidden for me. Make the title fit on one line if possible.