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Recently I found simple viewer and I'm testing. Days ago I tried the SimpleViewer  working with Mac, and was very useful the possibility  to export files from iPhoto. Can I use this tool with SimpleViewer pro?

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María José

Re: IPhoto and Simpleviewer Pro

Can I use this tool with SimpleViewer pro?

Yes. To upgrade the iPhoto plugin to SimpleViewer-Pro, you need to replace the SWF file in the plugin folder with the one that comes in the SimpleViewer-Pro download.

Make a copy of the 'viewer.swf' file in the 'simpleviewer-Pro/web' folder. Rename it 'SimpleViewer.swf'. Copy it to: Users -> "your user name" -> Library -> Application Support ->  iPhoto -> Plugins -> FAE4iPhoto -> Contents -> Resources.

Any galleries you create from now on will use the Pro swf.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: IPhoto and Simpleviewer Pro

I had a similar question but it has to do with Autoviewer... the iPhoto plugin will work correctly with Simpleviewer using the suggestion above, but the iPhoto plugin does not work with Autoviewer because the plugin is calling the swf file viewer.swf instead of autoviewer.swf and simply renaming the swf file doesn't do the trick because of other complications such as XML file location path and image path issues.

any ideas how to get this working?

UPDATE: I'll move this to Autoviewer-Pro forum... sorry

Re: IPhoto and Simpleviewer Pro

Thank you so much Felix!!!!

I will play with my SimpleViewer Pro

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María José