Topic: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4

the iPhoto plugin will work correctly with Simpleviewer-pro , but the iPhoto plugin does not work with Autoviewer-pro because the plugin is calling the swf file viewer.swf instead of autoviewer.swf and simply renaming the swf file doesn't do the trick because of other complications such as XML file location path and image path issues.

any ideas how to get this working?

Re: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4

You should just be able to rename and switch out the swf the same as with SimpleViewer-Pro. What errors are you seeing?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4

Well the problem is that the plugin is not named the same.

the swf for iPhoto is named viewer.swf
the swf for Autoviewer is named autoviewer.swf

So you can't just swap because they aren't named the same.

Then if you do attempt to just change the name of the swf file, you get xml file location errors.

Re: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4

you get xml file location errors

What kind of errors?

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4


Alright, here goes...

The point of this is to replace the the default version of the simpleviewer.swf file included in FAE4iPhoto.iPhotoExporter with the pro version of the swf file so that exported Simpleviewer galleries will not have  the Download link and logo in newly created galleries.

1. Install the FAE4iPhoto.iPhotoExporter directory into ~/Library/Application Support/iPhoto/Plugins/

2. Go to your v1.8.5 simpleviewer_pro folder

3. Open simpleviewer_pro  -> web

4. Notice that there is a file named "viewer.swf"

5. Go to your FAE4iPhoto.iPhotoExporter directory

6. Open FAE4iPhoto.iPhotoExporter -> Contents -> Resources

7. Notice that there is a file named "SimpleViewer.swf"

8. Conclude that you cannot replace a file named "SimpleViewer.swf" with a file named "viewer.swf" and expect things to work.

9. Rename the file included with Simpleviewer-Pro "viewer.swf" to "SimpleViewer.swf" and replace the default file included with FAE4iPhoto.iPhotoExporter in ~/Library/Application Support/iPhoto/Plugins/FAE4iPhoto.iPhotoExporter/Contents/Resources/

10. Launch iPhoto 7.1.3

11. Select an Album

12. Go to the iPhoto File meny and select "Export"

13. Export the album using the FAExporter tab with the style "SimpleViewer".

14. Go to the saved gallery and open the "index.html" file in Safari.

15. Notice that the page opens with an error.

16. Go to the Safari menu item "Window -> Activity" and notice that the error is
"file:///Users/merb/Desktop/__test%20script%20output/simpleviewer%20album1/viewer.swf    file doesn't exist"

Is that more clear now?


Re: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4

Ok now I'm confused. Are you talking about SimpleViewer-Pro or AutoViewer-Pro?

To upgrade the iPhoto plugin to SimpleViewer-Pro, you need to replace the SWF file in the plugin folder with the one that comes in the SimpleViewer-Pro download.

Make a copy of the 'viewer.swf' file in the 'simpleviewer-Pro/web' folder. Rename it 'SimpleViewer.swf'. Copy it to: Users -> "your user name" -> Library -> Application Support -> iPhoto -> Plugins -> FAE4iPhoto -> Contents -> Resources.

Any galleries you create from now on will use the Pro swf.

I've tested this and it works. I assume you can do the same thing with AutoViewer, but I haven't tested it.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4

You are not the only one who is confused, believe me.

I trashed everything and extracted everything from the original zip files.

I followed your steps and now SimpleViewer-Pro galleries seems to be working when exported from iPhoto using the plugin.

However AutoViewer-Pro galleries are not working.The error I get is that the gallery.xml "file does not exist"

file:///Users/merb/Desktop/__test%20script%20output/Autoalbum1/gallery.xml   file does not exist

I did as you instructed... I copied the autoviewer.swf out of autoviewer_pro/web and renamed it to AutoViewer.swf. I then replaced the SWF  named AutoViewer in the Users -> "my user name" -> Library -> Application Support -> iPhoto -> Plugins -> FAE4iPhoto.iPhotoExporter -> Contents -> Resources.

After the Gallery gets exported by iPhoto, Safari launches and the window for the gallery appears, but it is blank except for the Play button and the right arrow button, and Safari has an activity error saying the gallery.xml file does not exist. When I look in the exported gallery folder, I can see the XML file, it is named "gallerydata.xml", so is the XML file being named incorrectly by the plugin during export? I have no idea what is going on with this.

If I rename the "gallerydata.xml" file to "gallery.xml" and launch the gallery in Safari again, then I get errors saying that the image files do not exist. Looking at the path of the errors, it seems that the path being specified is incorrect and is not including the "images" directory. So if I move the images out of the images gallery and up one level, then launch the gallery again, it works. So somewhere, the XML file is being named incorrectly and the path to the exported images is not correct. Here is the error that Safari reports...notice the path...


As you can see, the image path is excluding the "images" directory which is why the images cannot be found. They actually are in the exported gallery, but the path is "Album1/images/". the plugin apparently is specifying an incorrect name for the XML file and the images path.

Look, I'm not the brightest lightbulb in the pack, but I'm pretty sure I've followed all the instructions properly.

Could you please check this for me because I did not spend $90 on these two plugins for nothing. I need them to work or they are a complete waste of my money.

Re: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4

I have just discovered another autoviewer iPhoto plugin here...

I replaced the viewer.SWF file included in the plugin with the SWF from AutoViewer_pro. After doing so, I generated an autoviewer gallery and discovered that this plugin will not work with your autoviewer_pro swf file either. A gallery generates the same error as the other iPhoto plugin (FAE4iPhoto.iPhotoExporter). 

file:///Users/merb/Desktop/__test%20script%20output/testautoviewer/gallery.xml  file does not exist

So I don't know if this is a new problem, an old problem or what but the AutoViewer galleries are not working using the plugin, while the SimpleViewer galleries DO WORK.

Please advise.

Re: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4


So it looks like the iPhoto plugin is exporting to an older version of AutoViewer. You pretty much figured out the workaround yourself.

To get the iPhoto plugin working with AutoViewer-Pro v1.4:
1) Replace the autoviewer swf as described above.
2) Create your gallery
3) In the generated gallery folder, Rename 'gallerydata.xml' to 'gallery.xml'
4: Edit 'gallery.xml' to add "images/" to the front of your image names.

Unfortunately I didn't create, nor do I have control over, all the various plugins that work with my viewers. I make no guarantee as to how well these plugins work. I have contacted the iPhoto plugin author to request he upgrades the plugin to use the latest version of the viewers.

There is also the option to use on of the alternative methods to build your gallery: … truct.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: iPhoto plugin won't work with Autoviewer Pro 1.4

Well, that's a bummer.

How hard could it possibly be to modify the plugin? I mean it must simply be a couple lines of code right? Any idea what files would be controlling that?