Topic: some images not loading online

I have multiple galleries running independantly of each other on the same website.


only one of the galleries works properly, the rest show an X where the caption should be. all works fine off line. if you look in the "fencing" gallery on web site youl see that 2 of the images actually do load but the rest wont, so the image paths must be working, only difference i can see is the photos are different sizes. iv tried resizing them but no luck, tried changing maxImageWidth= but didnt work. the xml is named correctly, the photos have numbers for names so cnt be case sensitive problem. ne one have ne ideas?

ne help would be greatly appreciated thankx

Re: some images not loading online

It is a case sensitive issue.

All filenames in "gallery.xml" end in ".jpg" (lowercase).
However, all but two images in fencing/images end in ".JPG" (uppercase).
The two images that work end in ".jpg" (lowercase).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: some images not loading online

Was exactly that, for some reason i didnt think it would apply to the extensions,

cheers mb