Topic: Operation Abort

I have installed the Titltviewer-Pro component in Joomla 1.5

I created a link to the component which is using flickr and that works fine in both IE7 and FF3

however when create a module and use the same parameters it works fine in FF3 but not in IE7. I get an "operation aborted" message.

dub dub dub dot milfordgowns dot co dot nz

click on Gallery - this is the component
then click on bridal dresses and it tries to load the module version

Any help would be very much obliged!


Re: Operation Abort

I am not convinced but there are two scenarios where the viewer works.

1. If I use a different template there does not seem to be a problem - The developer seems happy that the issue is a conflict between the template and the module, and I get the impression thats good enough for him which is of no real help to me :?

2. During these issues the site was set to off-line and had to log in as admin to view the site. In playing around and so the developer could have a look I put the site on-line. Now if I access the site simply as a guest is seems to work fine.

What I cant get my around is why the component works fine both online/off-line in both IE7 and FF with both the default template and the template I have been using, yet the module with all the same parameters falls over only when offline AND only in IE7 (and admittedly only with my template).

Make of this what you will, and if you are developing your Joomla site and using this module remember to put your site online when you need to test/view the gallery.


Re: Operation Abort


please be aware that the Ozio Gallery Joomla component and TiltViewer-Pro are 2 separate things with separate authors. I gave Ozio permission to use TiltViewer in their component, but I do not offer support for Ozio Gallery or Joomla.

For Ozio Gallery support please post here:,73.0.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.