Topic: Upright / horizontal format -Image Quality

Hello together,
I want to show images as big as possible and at max quality with AutoViewer-Pro.
800 pixel would be a fine size for me.
My Problem is that images in upright format do apear in less quality than images in horizontal format if the computer screen is a 17 Inch standard Size monitor.
What can I do ?
a) I thougt if I calculate the upright images to 530 pixel and the horizontal images to 800 pixel that would be ok. The problem is, that after resizing the Images in Photoshop, they are alltogether again resized in Adobe Lightroom to one equal size when creating the gallerie.
b) If I resize all Images to 530 pixel the images are too smal to have the optimum impression. If I resize all Images to 800 pixel maby half of the viewer (with standard 17 inch Monitor) will see the upright images in less quality.
Is there a solution you know ?
I would be very thankfull for information !

Re: Upright / horizontal format -Image Quality

Try resizing the tall images manually in Photoshop or similar and replacing the images generated by lightroom. Note that if the image dimensions are different you will need to edit the 'gallery.xml' also. Or use a different method to generate your galleries.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Upright / horizontal format -Image Quality

Hello Felix,

Does there exist a method to generate autoviewer pro galleries that allows to use differnet Image Sizes for upright und horizonatal format-Images ?

thanks Geza