Topic: .aspx not creating gallery.xml... what gives?

Since there are really no instructions on what to do or expect with using the ASP version (imageData.aspx) I am hoping there is someone out there who actually has this working and can help.

I have pieced together how to install it from earlier forum posts and have found that you have to modify the index.html file with:
      fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "imageData.aspx");

and the swfobject.js file (after the embed tag) with:

(this is not clear in the actual imageData.aspx file on how to do it at all!)

When I run the the imageData.aspx in the my browser it seems to return the created xml data in the browser instead of writing it to a file on the server. Is it supposed to do this? You can see the results here:

www robertreznik com / NEW / METAL / imageData.aspx

The actual web gallery seems to be created correctly and works, but where is the .xml data being written to and saved at since there is no gallery.xml file anywhere on my server?

You can see the gallery here...
www robertreznik com / NEW / METAL / metal html

Since there is no .xml file... how can one edit the captions???

Thanks in advance for any advice on what do ...

Re: .aspx not creating gallery.xml... what gives?

When you call the aspx page, it generates the xml file on the fly and outputs it.  So... in essence, the aspx IS the xml page.  It is just different depending on which directory you set up. Remember the extension doesn't determine whether a file is an xml file... the contents do.  If you look at the Script, you'll notice a "Response.Write(..." That is what writes the xml file.

If you want different galleries, you'd have to change the script file (or have a file for each gallery) Something I'm working on right now, actually.  Thinking about keeping the dynamic file in one place and varying the directory via a QueryString.