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I have an annoying problem when I'm integrading my simple viewer pro gallery in my flash site. Apperantly I'm not allowed posting a link to my site to show my problem, so I try to explane it as good as posible.

My flash movie is centerd and has a black aria above and under it, when I navigate to my simple viewer gallery, my design shifts upwards and i loose my black aria above, simple viewer forces my design upwards. (I hope it's clear what I mean?)

Now my question, how can I prevent this from happening? My design must stay the same, with a black aria above and under. I load my simple viewer gallery into an empty movieclip that is placed on my stage.

I guess it has something to do with the external AS from the SOURCE folder that comes with simple viewer pro? I can work with Flash and AS, but I'm not that familiar in loading external AS files in my flash movie. Also, it's not clear to me which file I actually need to tweak, the ones in the APPS folder or the ones in the UTILS folder. I don't find a clear answer in the help files. So for now I think simple viewer is not that simple! :)

Has anyone else had a simular problem? Can anyone please help me out on this? Like I said, I know a fair deal of flash and AS but i'm not that good in external AS files and how to use them. I'm sorry for my poor English, it's not my native language.

Many thanks in advange for any helpfull tips!


Re: problem integrading simple viewer in flash website


this is probably caused by SimpleViewer setting the Stage.align and Stage.scaleMode.

Note that the SimpleViewer FLA sets Stage.align to 'TL' and Stage.scaleMode to 'noScale' in the second frame of the fla. You may need to remove this code if the embedding movie uses a different align or scalemode.

Check section 3.2 in the docs: … html#embed

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: problem integrading simple viewer in flash website


thank you for your reply. I already had tried to remove the Stage.align and Stage.scaleMode. Still that didn't do the trick.

Do you have any more sugestions I can try?

Thank you in advange.