Topic: Image resize issue

Hello everyone:)
   I've gotten AutoViewer Pro to work in my fully Flash driven website, except for the one aspect I really needed.  The image no longer resizes according to the browser window when I put my images into the XML document:( I'm using multiple galleries, and I've checked to be sure that the option to scale down the image was "true" in the .as file....not sure what I could be doing wrong, and haven't seen anyone else with this issue.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Re: Image resize issue I got resizing to work by turning off the _global.AVStageWidth = 730; in my, is there a way to make the image scale down so that it is still viewable in the browser window? As it is, the images get smaller when I scale down the browser window, but they seem to move to the lower left corner of the browser, where they can't be seen....*sigh*

Re: Image resize issue

Maybe with this code you could solve your problem. I had a similar problem one year ago:

resizeListen = new Object();
resizeListen.onResize = function(){