Topic: Potential Bug on Page Transition

Hi Felix,

This is great software mate. I just wanted to alert you to a minor bug that i think i might have found.

It comes about when you click the next page icon and it starts replacing the images with the new ones. If you zoom in on an image that has not been replaced yet, and it gets replaced while zoomed in on it, it gets resized incorrectly. Then when you zoom out it is smaller than it should be.

Does that make sense?

Also i wrote some PHP code to sense the images in the directory and generate the XML automatically on the fly (which was easy enough), but i wanted to randomize it so i can just throw images in there from a new shoot, and they get nicely spread through the gallery. This works great, except i realised that it reads the XML each time you change pages, so it takes the random images from the whole pool all over again. So if someone clicks from page one, to page two, then back again, page one will have different images.

The only way i can think around this is to have the script i wrote actually generate a text/xml file on page load that the flash then reads, which is only updated on page load. I am just reluctant to do this as i am worried about problems with high volume visits with the xml being rewritten so much, and potentially being read while being rewritten.... any thoughts?

You can see my implementation here (dots replaced with underscores cos i'm a newb):