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Please take some time to help me out
Yes i looked around the forum and tried what everyone else has posted

I can view the gallery locally but not online

Yes, im uploading it all as binary

Yes, i reloaded the viewer swf file as binary like 9 times

Still it is blank, any advice?

Im using macintosh OS X most recent updates

Im using Fetch to upload to FTP

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Can you upload other pages on your site successfully? I use ftp to upload to the server and i never had any issues with it.
I am also using mac osx

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Yes the website is up and running but the only thing not working is the gallaries.

here is the website replace the~WITH /

karasek org~harley~index html

i just loaded it using smartftp with vista and it works fine... is it just the ftp application im using? (fetch)  what are u using for ftp on your mac?

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I just filled out the remote access using Dreamweaver cs3 and then upload it directly to my site. I haven't used any additional software beside dreamweaver.

make sure you upload all the files that is generated by the simpleviewer

I then connect and synchronize to upload any new changes to my website.


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