Topic: Custom Default Path for Galleries


I want to change the default storage location for galleries to a location other than the svManager directory. 

Has anyone done this?  I've prowled the php code and haven't identified an obvious way to do this.  The PATH_SCHEME variable doesn't work for this, and I've tried modifying the rootUrl variable in the addGallery() method in the classes/galleryset.php file, and that doesn't work either.   :cry:



Re: Custom Default Path for Galleries

There is a way. The GALLERY_PREFIX constant in svmanager/includes/constants.php was originally intended as  a way to change the name of the gallery folder – hence the name. But if you replace the default 'g' value with a relative path from the svmanager directory to your preferred gallery location then it should work.

define('GALLERY_PREFIX', '../mygalleries/g');


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.