Topic: Blank when accessed remotely

Hello. I searched the forum to see if anyone has been experiencing the same problem i have but I've come up empty.

replace all * with / in website addresses and all $ with .

Currently I've gotten the SimpleViewer application up and running (on my personal webpage - fleur-du-monde$com*ariel_art*index$html)

however when I try to do it remotely it only loads half the time in IE7 (example, on a myspace, or other site - www$myspace$com*af_practice).

When it does not load, what you see is just the preloader flash quickly, and some collection of images in the top left corner flash quickly, then it's followed by a blank black screen. It takes a few refreshes before it actually loads. Again, this only happens in Internet Explorer.

It works fine in Firefox (remotely and otherwise), and i have had no problem loading it locally.

I have uploaded everything in binary and I am currently using CuteFTP pro to upload all my files.

Re: Blank when accessed remotely

As for an update on this problem, I find that it works on every browser (firefox, safari, opera, etc) but still has a problem in IE.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?  :?