Topic: Problem in Flash

Hey everyone!

So I have a portfolio site, and i want a simpleviewgallery for each section. I divied them up into folders, illustration, design, etc... Each folder has the viewer.swf, the xml file, thumb and image folders. In my Flash file I have created container movie clips, with this code on the timeline, loadmovie("design/viewer.swf",container_mc), loadmovie("illustration/viewer.swf",container_mc), etc.

What's happeneing is that it says it can't find the XML file in the root, so nothing's loading. Any ideas why it's not looking for the XML file in the folders instead of the root?

Thanks a lot!


Re: Problem in Flash


SimpleViewer-Pro supports loading multiple galleries into a container swf. The pro download comes with an example showing how to do this.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.